Going to America

“Going to America,” Friend, Mar. 2003, 40–41

Going to America

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John Taylor
Events in the life of John Taylor

Illustrated by Mike Eagle

In England, teenaged John Taylor was walking with a friend when he felt the impression that he needed to go to America.

John: I feel a strong impression to go to America to preach the gospel.

However, John had to wait. His family left for America and left him to sell their land and other possessions.

Father: John, we need you to stay back and sell the land. Then come as soon as you can.

John: All right, Father. I will do my best.

Two years after his family left, he had sold their land and taken care of other family affairs. He was soon sailing to America.

John: I’m finally on my way to America!

During the trip, a terrible storm arose and lasted for a week. Others thought that the ship would sink, but John was calm. He knew that Heavenly Father had work for him to do in America and would keep him safe.

Man: This is the worst storm I’ve ever seen!

John: The Lord hasn’t brought me this far to let me die in the middle of the ocean.

After arriving in the United States, John went to Toronto, Canada, to find his family. He set up a carpenter shop and continued going to church.

John: Hello, everyone!

Family: John! You’ve come at last!

After his conversion to the Church in Canada, John Taylor returned to England to serve a mission. He also served in Ireland, France, and the British Isles.