Aaron and Peter Zimmerman of Southeast Texas
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“Aaron and Peter Zimmerman of Southeast Texas,” Friend, Mar. 2003, 21

Making Friends:

Aaron and Peter Zimmerman of Southeast Texas

If two’s company, and three’s a crowd, then what is 14? Just ask 10-year-old cousins Peter and Aaron Zimmerman. Peter is the second youngest of nine children, and Aaron is the second of five children.

Peter has six older brothers, one older sister, and one younger brother. His oldest brother, Joseph, served a mission in Peru and now attends Brigham Young University. His sister Camilla is also going to school there. Josh is serving a mission in the Madagascar Antananarivo Mission. Peter and his family write to him every week. Peter and his brothers Matthew (17), Spencer (15), Timothy (13), Stephen (12), and Adam (8) are all preparing to go on missions and are excited each week to receive letters from Josh.

Aaron is the second oldest in his family. He and his older brother Zachary (12), younger sisters Makinzie (8) and Cassidie (5), and younger brother Jacob (2), all enjoy family home evenings and playing together.

Peter’s family lives in Port Neches, and Aaron’s family lives in Nederland. From both of their homes, you can see oil refineries. Their cities are only 30 miles (48 km) from the Gulf of Mexico, where big rigs drill for oil under the ocean.

Both boys like to play baseball. They have almost enough family members to play their own game! Peter and Aaron play on their city’s Little League team. Aaron likes to play catcher because he gets to see most of the action. Peter likes to play first base. Last year, he played on the city all-star team.

Both boys like the outdoors and playing soccer. They are in the same Webelos den and like to go on camp-outs.

In their pack’s Pinewood Derby race, Peter’s car won first place, by a fraction of a second, over Aaron’s car! Peter and his dad worked together to make a spaceship car, and Aaron and his dad designed his car to look like a knife. At the district Pinewood Derby race, Peter won third place overall, and both boys received design awards.

The closest temple is the Houston Texas Temple. Both Aaron and Peter turned eight a few months before the dedication—each was baptized by his dad—so they were able to attend the temple open house and the dedication. “The temple was very white and very clean,” Aaron said.

They also saw the satellite broadcast of the Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple dedication. Both Peter and Aaron look forward to the time when they can go inside the temple to do baptisms for the dead.

Peter’s favorite scripture story is about Captain Moroni. Aaron’s favorite is about Ammon. Both have memorized the Articles of Faith and have earned their Duty to God Awards.

Like Ammon, Aaron is doing his best to be a missionary. He invited a friend to join their Cub Scout pack, and he did. Aaron is very excited about that!

Peter’s favorite subject at school is math. Aaron’s favorite is science. They both want to go into medicine when they grow up—Peter as a veterinarian so he can help animals, and Aaron as a doctor so he can try to save people’s lives.

Both boys play the piano, like to draw, play computer games, and help their families at home. Aaron takes out the garbage and helps care for their pets, a dog and an iguana. Peter helps by mowing the lawn, taking care of the family dog, cleaning his room, and helping with the dishes.

As much as they are alike, they do like some different things. Aaron has a green belt in karate, and Peter also plays basketball.

Both Aaron and Peter love their families and know that because their parents were sealed in the temple, they can be with their families forever.

Photos by Larry Zimmerman and Christine Rappleye

Peter’s and Aaron’s families

Aaron (left) and Peter

Aaron waiting for his turn on the archery course

Aaron’s car and awards from the district Pinewood Derby

Aaron and Peter take aim at the archery course

Peter canoeing during the Cub Scout camp-out

Playing with the family dog, Rocky, in the backyard