Cheering Up a Friend
June 2001

“Cheering Up a Friend,” Friend, June 2001, 37

Cheering Up a Friend

A special gift is kindness. Such happiness it brings. (Children’s Songbook, page 145.)

Ellen’s friend Lara broke her leg, and it hurt. Ellen and her mom went to the store and bought a coloring book for Lara. Thinking that Jesus Christ would do something more to cheer up her friend, Ellen asked if they could buy some fingernail polish for Lara, too. Ellen was sure that if she painted Lara’s toenails, it would cheer her up while she had to wear the clunky cast. It did. Lara said it tickled when her toenails were painted, and she thinks that Ellen is the best friend she could have.

Ellen Yoder (right), age 5, with her friend Lara Hayes, age 4

Illustrated by Elise Black