From Latter-day Prophets: George Albert Smith
June 2001

“From Latter-day Prophets: George Albert Smith,” Friend, June 2001, 5

From Latter-day Prophets:
George Albert Smith

A prophet of the Lord, Bringing forth his precious word, Cheers the Saints as anciently (Hymns, no. 25).

George Albert Smith

Many years ago, while George Albert Smith was the eighth President of the Church, he promised that people would be blessed with testimonies and happiness as they followed the commandments Heavenly Father gives through His prophets. That counsel is still true. We are blessed as we follow the prophet.

I had a man say to me one day after I had taught the gospel to him for an hour or so on a train, “I’d give a lot to have the assurance that you have.” And I replied: “You do not have to give anything to have the assurance that I have except to keep the commandments of the Lord. If you do that, you will know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is on earth. You will know that the authority of the priesthood is on earth.”

How beautiful it is to realize that men who are worthy may receive that priesthood, and in the authority that is given them, do so many things that are a blessing to our Father’s other children. …

Within the week, I listened to one of the brethren who has just returned from the mission field. He has been out nearly five years, and he told of some of the experiences in the field. He told of people that had illness and the doctors did everything they could for them, but they could not heal them. But the humble missionaries, the humble men who held the priesthood, placed their hands upon the heads of those who were afflicted and rebuked their ailments, and they were healed.

That would not occur without faith, and our faith is conditioned upon our righteous lives. We cannot live improperly and have faith as we should, but if we keep the commandments of the Lord, we can have faith, and it will grow and increase as our righteousness increases. …

Our duty is to keep the commandments of God, and he has promised that if we will do that we will enjoy blessings that we cannot enjoy in any other way.

I am happy to be with you today. … Now are you happy? If you are keeping the commandments of God, I am sure you are happy.
(Conference Report, September 1950 and October 1950, pages 6 and 159.)

Illustrated by Cynthia W. Clark