Follow the Prophet

    “Follow the Prophet,” Friend, June 2001, 46

    Follow the Prophet

    We should follow the counsel of the prophets of every dispensation. They will guide us to choose the right.

    To help you learn the words to the song “Follow the Prophet” (Children’s Songbook, pages 110–111), carefully remove page 47 from the magazine. Mount it on heavier paper, if you desire, and then cut out the picture clues along the broken lines. Place them in a box or bag. Take turns drawing them out one at a time and then singing the verse of the song that they remind you of.

    Paintings of the prophets

    Art courtesy of Visual Resource Library

    You may want to write some new verses for other prophets that you know about. Here are some examples of the many that our readers have sent to the Friend. Draw a picture clue for the new verses you write, and include them as you do this musical activity.

    Joseph was a prophet,

    First one in our day.

    He saw God and Jesus

    When he went to pray.

    He prayed with great faith

    To know which church was true.

    Jesus said to “join none.

    Truth shall come through you.”

    (author unknown)

    Brigham Young, the prophet,

    Valiant to the end,

    “Lion of the Lord,”

    He was Jesus’ friend.

    Led the Saints to safety

    Far out in the West,

    Helped them to grow mighty,

    Equal to the test.

    Sharon Y. Cupp

    Nephi was a prophet,

    Tried to get the plates.

    He dressed up as Laban

    By the city gates.

    With his brothers waiting,

    Nephi went inside.

    He knew God would help him

    And with him abide.

    Glenn Kidder

    Samuel was a prophet,

    Lamanite by birth,

    Prophesied the time when

    Christ would come to earth.

    Cried to all, “Repentance!”

    Shouted from the wall.

    Wicked would not listen,

    Tried to make him fall.

    Holly W. Hancock

    Photos by Lana Leishman