Pebble Pictures
June 2001

“Pebble Pictures,” Friend, June 2001, 23

Pebble Pictures

To make pebble pictures and/or a paperweight, you will need: pebbles, a pencil, paper, newspaper, paintbrushes, a variety of colors of acrylic paints (including white), and clear varnish.

  1. Finding the stones is part of the fun. Ask an older person or adult to go with you to find your just-right pebbles.

  2. Wash and dry the pebbles.

  3. Select one to paint, then study it carefully. Can you see a shape or pattern or an animal’s face in the stone? After you have an idea for your picture, sketch it out on the paper.

  4. Cover your work area with newspaper. Paint the entire stone white; let dry.

  5. Follow the sketch that you have made to paint your picture on the stone; let dry.

  6. Paint the finished stone with a thin coat of clear varnish; let dry.