Valentines for a Prophet

    “Valentines for a Prophet,” Friend, June 2001, 32

    Valentines for a Prophet

    In February, we asked for valentines for the prophet. Your response was astonishing! We received almost thirty thousand valentines, each full of love, wisdom, and faith. If only we could publish them all! The sad truth is, we have space for fewer than one out of three hundred and fifty, and then only a few words per valentine. Please know that even if your name does not appear here, your help was deeply appreciated. Thank you!

    Valentines for the prophet

    I love the prophet because

    He loves me.
    Rebecca Pugh, 9, Bath, England

    He is a seer and revelator.
    Jeslyn McGinnis, 10, Pinedale, Wyoming

    He is smiley.
    Michaud Isaline, 5, Lausanne, Switzerland

    He’s Jesus’ friend.
    Olivia Harding, 3, Lexington, Kentucky

    He is called by our Father in Heaven to speak for Him.
    Maloagalelei Taala, 5, Pago Pago, American Samoa

    I think he would give me a big hug and a kiss if I could meet him.
    Lindsey Rees, 5, Ashburn, Virginia

    He has a kind and loving face.
    Abigail Hull, 7, Aberdeen, Scotland

    He is tender and kind.
    Sze-Yu Fan, 10, Hong Kong, China

    He loves everybody in the whole world.
    Amelita Larson, 6, Townsville, Queensland, Australia

    I feel good inside when I listen to him.
    Randall O’Dell, 7, Bryan, Texas

    He looks like a grandpa.
    Emily Burden, 4, Budapest, Hungary

    He works for Jesus.
    CaLeigh Dellipoali, 3, Stamford, Connecticut

    He is a good man.
    Feauai Seuea, 10, Sauniatu, Samoa

    He is a great example for me.
    Rumiana Skotcheva, 13, Sophia, Bulgaria

    He teaches me about the Saviour and Heavenly Father.
    Francesca James Clementine, 9, Runcorn, England

    He loves Jesus Christ, and so do I.
    Macy West, 8, Franklin, Indiana

    He leads us back to Heavenly Father.
    Jared Jensen, 8, Moses Lake, Washington

    He’s giving and caring.
    Brock Nichols, 10, Lindon, Utah

    He tells us true stuff. He tells us what the Savior tells him. He helps us learn how to live with God again.
    Cumberland Gap Ward Primary, Knoxville Tennessee Stake

    He never lies to me.
    Aimee, 7, Rapid City, South Dakota

    He is a true prophet, and he tells good stories and jokes.
    Jason Langley, 4, Cedar City, Utah

    He travels around the world to share the gospel with everyone.
    Lauren Peterson, 12, Lansdale, Pennsylvania

    He’s nice, and he loves everyone.
    Ivy Hill, 7, Smithfield, North Carolina

    He’s funny. He gives good speeches.
    Jordan Rinber, 7, Las Vegas, Nevada

    He knows the way.
    Taylor and Brayden Monson, 3 and 2, Arlington, Massachusetts

    He helps me to walk in the light.
    Jessy Agle, 8, Cypress, California

    He helped build more temples so it’s easier to get to one.
    Jackson Udy, 9, Columbia, Maryland

    He tells me what the Lord wants me to do.
    Christian Muhlestein, 8, Laplace, Louisiana

    He is my friend.
    Jonathan Beer, 6, Berlin, Germany

    He helps people.
    Madison Redgar, 8, Topeka, Kansas

    He is kind and treats everyone the same.
    Chris Nenow, 11, Salt Lake City, Utah

    He is always smiling and looks happy.
    Emily Uhl, 11, Sioux City, Iowa

    I know in my heart that he won’t lead me astray.
    Rebecca Jones, 10, Aurora, Colorado

    He gave my sister a blessing when she had cancer. He helped my whole family feel better.
    Tyler Mckinley, 5, Simpsonville, South Carolina

    When times are hard and I’m about to do something wrong, I think of him and his teachings, and it stops me.
    Sierra Crowley, 11, Mesa, Arizona

    He sets a good example.
    Kyle Gurr, 10, American Fork, Utah

    He’s wise.
    Jenny Cuevas, 10, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

    He’s kind and courteous. He loves everyone and does everything he is told by Heavenly Father. He teaches us not to judge things from the outside but from the inside. He tells us what we should do and should not do, and he knows what he’s talking about.
    Shelley 7th Ward Primary, Shelley Idaho Stake

    He’s so cute.
    Kate Johnson, 4, Morton Grove, Illinois

    He’s good.
    Josh Roode, 4, Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

    He says “please,” like me.
    Meilani Tew, 3, Payson, Utah

    He cares about me.
    Lewis Wearne, 6, Copiapo, Chile

    He has such a great sense of humor, and he talks directly to us.
    Zach Edens, 10, Fairfax, Oklahoma

    I met him when he came to Guam.
    Nephi Aros, 5, Guam

    Valentines for the prophet

    I will follow him by

    Obeying his counsel and guidance.
    Ane Marie Faka’osi, 9, Nuku‘alofa, Tonga

    Caring about others the way he cares about me.
    Cami Fuhriman, 10, Salt Lake City, Utah

    Keeping the commandments.
    Mark Remington, 11, Cardston, Alberta, Canada

    Reading my scriptures.
    Courtney Jane Donald, 6, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Preaching the word of God.
    Chinonso Ibeachi, 9, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

    Loving all the people around me.
    Kimberly Jeo, 5, Singapore

    Sharing my toys with my brother and sister. Setting a good example.
    Christopher Webb, 4, and Erik Webb, 6, Rimbo, Sweden

    Always repenting of my sins and not repeating them.
    Kylie Woon, 10, Shanghai, China

    Following his good example.
    Sebastian Nanena, 8, London, England

    Going to church.
    Kayleann Solomone, 7, Suva, Fiji

    Following the six B’s.
    Felisha Trumpet, 11, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Being prayerful.
    Mark Norton, 11, Billingham, England

    Standing up for what I believe in.
    Courtney Stutznegger, 10, West Linn, Oregon

    Going to video conference and listening to him.
    Jared Mayer, 11, Wainuiomata, New Zealand

    Being a good girl for Mummy and Daddy.
    Kayley Forsyth, 2, Glasgow, Scotland

    Being happy.
    Christian Diaz, 4, Bronx, New York

    Trying to be like Jesus.
    Megan McAdams, 11, Broadview Heights, Ohio

    Choosing the right.
    Victoria Ngawaka, 10, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

    Telling the truth and helping at home.
    Kong Xiong, 6, La Crosse, Wisconsin

    Not drinking, smoking, or using drugs.
    Brittany Mundell, 10, Fairmont, West Virginia

    Doing my chores. Saving money for my mission. Not having multiple piercings in my ears.
    Calvin Latour, 10, and Iris Latour, 11, Oosterbeek, Netherlands

    Obeying my mother and father.
    Tatyana Wright, 6, Washington, D.C.

    Dressing modestly.
    Ashley Fairwell, 9, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

    Praying for him.
    Melissa Eging, 4, Sparta, New Jersey

    Being nice to others and always telling the truth.
    Ryan Mullinax, 4, Las Vegas, Nevada

    Treating others the way I want to be treated.
    Brittney Johnston, 8, Kapolei, Hawaii

    Being a good girl and not hitting my brother.
    Shalynn Randall, 4, Lincoln, Nebraska

    Getting baptized when I am eight.
    Nate, 5, Bemidji, Minnesota

    Preparing to go to the temple.
    Tausha Sutherland, 10, Laurel, Montana

    Doing what he tells me to do.
    John Zeuhike, 8, Cadillac, Michigan

    Being clean, humble, grateful, smart, true, and prayerful. And having family home evening.
    Craig Lewis, 8, and Jakob Lewis, 6, O’Fallon, Missouri

    Keeping my baptismal covenants.
    Lauren Bush, 11, Topsham, Maine

    Not watching bad movies.
    Kevin O. Lunt, 10, Charleston, Illinois

    Loving all people, no matter their skin color or anything else.
    Ben Hughes, 11, Grants Pass, Oregon

    Going on a mission.
    Lexie Wagoner, 6, Snellville, Georgia

    Not forgetting to pay my tithing when I get my allowance, listening to the Holy Ghost, listening to conference, helping people with no home and no money, being very nice, setting an example, caring for one another, keeping the Sabbath day holy, and trying to be as righteous as possible.
    North Shore 2nd Ward Primary, Wilmette Illinois Stake

    Not stealing.
    Dana Holland, 5, Wilmington, Delaware

    Going to school and learning.
    Lucas, 10, Mesa, Arizona

    Having more faith.
    Emily Liscom, 8, Melbourne, Florida

    Being kind to children.
    Collin Foster, 7, Prattville, Alabama

    Cleaning up my room if I make a mess.
    Haylee Lovelace, 5, Huntsville, Arkansas

    Using good language.
    Alan Lochridge, 10, Dillon, Montana

    Doing what he says.
    Genevieve Bee, 8, Homer, Alaska


    Illustrated by Julie F. Young