Father’s Day Card

    “Father’s Day Card,” Friend, June 2001, 31

    Father’s Day Card

    Final card

    Illustrated by Brad Teare

    Stopping for Daddy

    If you should want a hug, I’ll stop and hug you.

    If you should want some help, I’ll stop and help.

    And if you see me doing something naughty,

    Just tell me and I’ll stop without a yelp.

    If you should need a song, I’ll stop and sing one.

    If you should need a kiss, that’s what you’ll get.

    I’ll gladly stop whatever I am doing

    To help the greatest dad I’ve ever met.

    If you should need a snack, I’ll stop and fix one.

    A listening ear? I’ll stop and give you two.

    You’re always there for me, and, dearest Daddy,

    I plan on always being there for you.

    So if you ever need my full attention,

    Hold up this little sign, and there I’ll be.

    I’ll always stop for you because I love you—

    You taught me how by always loving me.