My Daddy’s Hands

“My Daddy’s Hands,” Friend, June 2000, 15

My Daddy’s Hands

I love my dad in every way.

He has something special, you see.

I’m going to tell you some reasons why

His hands are important to me.

They’ll baptize me, confirm me,

And bless me when I’m sick.

They’re folded when he prays for me.

They help others—really quick!

They lift me when I’m tired,

They boost me up to see,

And I love it when they clap real loud,

Especially for me.

My daddy’s hands catch scary bugs,

They give me many hugs and pats,

And wrestle with me on the rug,

Lift me carefully to his lap.

My daddy’s hands are helping hands

To anyone in need.

They also turn the pages of

My story when we read.

Daddy’s hands can comfort me,

Can guide me, give me aid.

And often Daddy holds my hand

When I’m troubled or afraid.

His hands work very, very hard

To give us all we need.

I know that through my daddy’s hands

My life is blessed indeed.

Photos by Bryant Livingston/posed by models