“Childviews,” Friend, June 2000, 39


Officer Rigatoni

When we choose the right, we are sometimes rewarded in our Primary by Officer Charles Theodore Rigatoni (his initials spell CTR!). He comes to Primary with a set of heart-shaped handcuffs and searches for the person who was “caught choosing the right” that week. He presents the person with a shiny gold or silver badge and then tells everyone about the good things he was caught doing. Sometimes it is making his bed, helping to fix dinner without being asked, or sharing toys with friends.

One day I was waiting to get my hair cut. A younger boy tried to knock the book I was reading out of my hand. I tried to ignore him, but he kept pushing me. Finally, I looked him right in the eye, pointed to my CTR ring, and said, “Choose the right!” He backed away and didn’t bother me again. Officer Rigatoni heard about this and gave me a badge. I am glad to have a friend like Officer Rigatoni to help me remember to choose the right.

Taylor Stapley, age 6
Mountain Park Ward, Tempe Arizona West Stake

Children Who Love the Savior

I must compliment you on your December 1999 issue. Two stories in particular touched me in a way no other stories have—“Christmas Eve in Bethlehem” and “The Man on the Bike.”

I was very impressed by four-year-old Amy Craeger’s concern for a man she was afraid of. Never have I seen such compassion, especially in one so young.

I was also touched by how well the young child in the other story understood the meaning of Christmas. He understood how the world seems to forget Christ. I have never spelled Christmas with an X because I find it disrespectful of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Even though I am 12 and go to Young Women, I still look forward to getting the Friend each month. It has been a great inspiration in my life, and I hope it touches others, too.

Christina Bronner, age 12
Louisville 4th Ward, New Albany Indiana Stake

My Dad

In the beginning, God made the moon, stars, plants, animals, and then man. One man was called Shawn R. Knutson, and he became a dad, a dad of four children. And then his life changed. It changed from dirt bike racing and rodeos to diapers, family home evenings, birthdays, baptisms, and spending a lot of money on others. But inside, he loved being a dad. And he was happy. Dad, you’re the best!

Trent James (TJ) Knutson, age 9
Riverdale Ward, Preston Idaho North Stake

Electronic illustration by Mark Robison