Let the Holy Spirit Guide

“Let the Holy Spirit Guide,” Friend, June 2000, 24

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

Let the Holy Spirit guide;

Let him teach us what is true.

He will testify of Christ,

Light our minds with heaven’s view.

Let the Holy Spirit guard;

Let his whisper govern choice.

He will lead us safely home

If we listen to his voice.

Let the Spirit heal our hearts

Thru his quiet, gentle pow’r.

May we purify our lives

To receive him hour by hour.

(Hymns, no. 143.)

The Holy Ghost can guide, guard, and heal us. He can be a “light” in our minds to help us see things clearly (see Moro. 10:5–7; D&C 11:12–14).

To help your family learn this hymn about the Holy Ghost, remove pages 24–25 from the magazine. Mount them on heavy paper and cut out the words and pictures on the heavy lines. Place them in order. Darken the room, and invite a family member to shine a flashlight on each word or drawing as you sing about it in each line of the song. Sing the song together several times.

Scriptures photo by Steve Bunderson

Christ’s Image by Heinrich Hofmann

Boy photo by Welden Andersen/CTR photo by John Luke/ Sacrament photo by Matthew Reier/All other photos © Photodisc