Righteous Fathers and Sons

“Righteous Fathers and Sons,” Friend, June 2000, 11

Righteous Fathers and Sons

Match these righteous Book of Mormon fathers with their righteous sons. Be careful—there are often more than one person in the Book of Mormon with the same name. Use the scriptures given, if you need help.

(Note: Some of these fathers may have had other righteous sons, but little or nothing is known about them.)

1. Helaman (Hel. 3:21)

a. Mosiah

2. Lehi (2 Ne. 5:6)

b. Ammon, Aaron, Omner, Himni

3. King Mosiah (Omni 1:23)

c. Sam, Nephi, Jacob, Joseph

4. Alma the Younger (Alma 31:7)

d. Nephi, Lehi

5. Jacob (Jacob 7:27)

e. Helaman, Shiblon, Corianton

6. King Benjamin (Mosiah 1:2)

f. Enos

7. Enos (Jarom 1:1)

g. Benjamin

8. King Mosiah (Mosiah 27:34)

h. Jarom