Sail for Sale

“Sail for Sale,” Friend, June 2000, 38

Sail for Sale

When words are pronounced the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings, they are called homonyms. For example, sale and sail are homonyms. Fill in the blanks in each sentence with a pair of homonyms that will make each sentence make sense. We have done the first one for you.

  1. The grizzly ___bear___ stripped the bush ___bare___ of berries.

  2. Everyone _______________ that a _______________ is used for smelling.

  3. Mary used her _______________ hand to _______________ letters.

  4. Joe stubbed his _______________ on a river rock while trying to _______________ his canoe to shore.

  5. Jill turned _______________ when she saw Jack fall down and spill his _______________ of water.

  6. Rex helped his dad chop _______________ because he knew that they _______________ need it for the fireplace during the winter.

  7. There were three bananas, one _______________, and a _______________ of apples in the fruit bowl.

  8. The lion’s _______________ was the _______________ thing Jennifer admired about the animal.

  9. When _______________ fell, the _______________ of the Round Table rode his horse off into the darkness.

  10. The big football player _______________ _______________ pancakes for breakfast.