Jesus Christ Blesses His Disciples

“Jesus Christ Blesses His Disciples,” Friend, Dec. 1996, 20

Jesus Christ Blesses His Disciples

Jesus appeared to His disciples

One day when the disciples were together, fasting and praying, Jesus Christ appeared among them. 3 Ne. 27:1–2

He told them the Church should be named after Him

When the disciples asked him what they should call the church, he said that it should be called after his name because it was his church. 3 Ne. 27:3, 7–8

Heavenly Father sent Him to earth to give life to all men

Jesus explained to his disciples that Heavenly Father had sent him to earth to give his life for all men. 3 Ne. 27:14–15

If we repent and obey commandments we will be guiltless

He said that everyone who repents, is baptized in his name, and obeys the commandments will be held guiltless before Heavenly Father. 3 Ne. 27:16

Christ set the example for us

The Savior told his disciples to do what they had seen him do. He had set the example for them. 3 Ne. 27:21

Christ told His disciples to write what He told them

He also told them to write down what they had seen and heard so that others might know of it. 3 Ne. 27:23–25

Nine disciples said they wanted to be with Him after they die

Jesus asked his disciples what each would like from him. Nine of them wanted to be with him after they had finished their lives on earth. 3 Ne. 28:1–2

When they are 72 years old they would come to Him in heaven

Jesus promised them that when they were seventy-two years old, they would come to him in heaven. 3 Ne. 28:3

The other three wanted to stay on the earth until He comes again

The other three disciples were afraid to speak, but Jesus knew that they wanted to stay on earth and help people until his Second Coming. 3 Ne. 28:4–6, 9

Jesus said they could do missionary work until He returned

The Savior promised them that they would not suffer pain or death but would do missionary work until he returned. 3 Ne. 28:7–9

Then Jesus departed

Jesus touched the nine disciples, but not the three who were to stay on earth. Then he departed. 3 Ne. 28:12

The three taken up to heaven

The three disciples were taken up into heaven. They saw and heard many wonderful things. 3 Ne. 28:13

Their bodies were changed

Their bodies were changed so that they would not die, and they were better able to understand the things of God. 3 Ne. 28:15

They returned to earth

The three disciples returned to earth. They traveled about the land preaching and baptizing. 3 Ne. 28:16–18

They were protected by God’s power

Wicked Nephites tried to kill the three disciples by throwing them into prison or into deep pits, but by God’s power they escaped. 3 Ne. 28:19–20

They were protected from fire and wild animals

When they were cast into furnaces and into dens of wild animals, they were also protected by the power of God. 3 Ne. 28:21–22

They continue to preach the gospel

The three disciples continued to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nephites; they are still preaching his gospel to other people. 3 Ne. 28:23, 27–29

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson