Give a Gift of Love

“Give a Gift of Love,” Friend, Dec. 1996, 2

A Christmas Message from the First Presidency to the Children of the World:
Give a Gift of Love

President Monson
President Hinckley
President Faust

Many years ago on a very special night, our Savior, Jesus Christ, was born in Bethlehem. He came into the world to teach the gospel and to be an example of the right way to live. He gave His life for us and made it possible for all of us to return to live with Him and with our Heavenly Father. This was a great gift of love.

At this Christmastime, as we think about the gifts we would like to give our family and friends, let us take a moment to consider giving gifts of love and kindness, as Jesus did. Such gifts do not need to be purchased but could come in the form of serving others, of being kind to brothers and sisters, of honoring parents, and of listening to the words of Church leaders.

As we give gifts of love, great joy will come into our lives. We will learn just how important it is to be kind to others.

We know that Jesus Christ lives. We know that He loves you and wants you to be happy. It is our prayer that the joy of this Christmas season will be with you and your family and that we will all share in special gifts of love.

With love,
The First Presidency

Photos by Jed Clark

Painting © Robert T. Barrett