Holiday Wreath

“Holiday Wreath,” Friend, Dec. 1996, 39

Holiday Wreath

For this simple wreath, you will need: a white paper plate, a pencil, scissors, a red or green crayon or marker, green and red wrapping tissue, glue, and red ribbon.

  1. Draw a large circle in the center of the paper plate, cut it out, and discard it (see illustration). Color the front side of the plate-wreath green or red.

  2. Note: The number of leaves and berries needed depends on the spacing and the size of the paper plate. Fold the green wrapping tissue several times before cutting it into 2 1/2″ (6.5 cm) squares for the leaves. Cut from the red wrapping tissue as many 2″ (5 cm) squares (berries) as needed.

  3. Lightly crumple the leaf squares into loose balls and glue them on the wreath until it is covered. Crumple the berry squares into loose balls, space them around the wreath, then glue them in place.

  4. To hang, loop the red ribbon through the wreath, and tie it in a bow or a knot.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki