Christmas Gift Tree

“Christmas Gift Tree,” Friend, Dec. 1996, 24

Christmas Gift Tree


  1. Remove pages 24–25 and mount them on lightweight cardboard or heavy paper.

  2. Cut out trees A and B and glue them back to back. Do the same with C and D.

  3. Cut slits along the dashed lines. Insert the AB tree slit into the CD tree slit, to make a tree that stands up.

  4. Remove page 27. Mount it on heavy paper. Cut out the ornaments and put them into a small container.

Each day, give a gift of service or kindness to family members, friends, or others. Write about, or draw a simple picture of, each thing that you did on the back of an ornament, then tape it to the tree. Try to decorate your entire tree with the ornaments before Christmas. Read “Stacy’s Year-Round Giving Tree” on pages 30–32 for more examples of service or kind things that you can do for others.

Ideas for acts of service or kindness:

  • Set the table when it isn’t your turn.

  • Pick up your toys without being asked.

  • Play a game with your little brother or sister, or some other child.

  • Make someone else’s bed.

  • Do something kind for a pet.

  • Help your little brother or sister read a book.

  • Write a note of thanks to someone you love.

  • Don’t start an argument.

  • Let someone else have the first turn.

  • Be reverent in sacrament meeting.

  • Help your Primary teacher carry her or his things.

  • Help carry the groceries into the house.

  • Take a treat to a neighbor.

  • Pick up trash you see and throw it away properly.

  • Bring in the mail or newspaper.

  • Take out the garbage without being asked.

  • Help others wrap Christmas presents.

  • Tell your parents how much you love them.

  • Write a letter to your grandparents.

  • Draw a picture and send it to a missionary.

  • Clean your room without being asked.

  • If it snows, help shovel the walks.

  • Go caroling at a nursing home.

  • Send a cheery letter to someone who is sick.

  • Write your testimony of Jesus Christ in your journal.

  • Smile at a tired store clerk.

Illustrated by Dick Brown