Chain of Love

“Chain of Love,” Friend, Dec. 1996, 38

Chain of Love

To make this gift, you will need: scissors, red construction paper, a ruler, a pen, 6″ (15 cm) red thread, and a needle.

  1. Cut four 1″ x 5 1/2″ (2.5 cm x 14 cm) construction paper strips. Make a paper chain with the strips, securing them with glue (see illustration).

  2. Carefully cut out the heart decoration (above), mount it on construction paper, and trim it. Optional: Trace this decoration, or make different shapes (bell, tree, star).

  3. Write whom the gift is for on the blank line; sign your name on the back.

  4. Thread the needle, push it through the black dot on the small heart, remove only the needle, then tie the thread through the bottom link of the chain (see illustration).