Water-Driven Merry-Go-Round

“Water-Driven Merry-Go-Round,” Friend, Feb. 1990, 5

Water-Driven Merry-Go-Round

To make this merry-go-round, you will need: empty milk carton, scissors, plain contact paper, crayons, large nail, two 15″ (38 cm) pieces of cord or strong string, and water faucet (use bathtub or laundry tub or outdoor faucet where it’s OK to splash a bit).

  1. Cut off top of carton about 1/4″ (6 mm) above base of slope (see illustration).

  2. Cover sides with contact paper, then use crayons to decorate.

  3. Carefully punch 2 nail holes at top of carton and 12 at bottom, exactly where shown in illustration.

  4. Thread cord through top holes, and knot ends together.

  5. Tie one end of second string to knot in first string.

  6. Dangle carton by other end of second string and hold under running faucet.