“Brothers,” Friend, Feb. 1990, 37


There are many Bible stories about brothers. Read these clues and see whether you can identify the brothers.

  1. Abel brought an acceptable offering to the Lord, but his brother’s offering was rejected. Abel’s brother became angry and later killed Abel. What was Abel’s brother’s name? (See Gen. 4:3–8.)

  2. Jacob’s wife Rachel had two sons. One of them, Joseph, became a ruler in Egypt. What was Joseph’s younger brother’s name? (See Gen. 35:24; Gen. 41:41.)

  3. When God wanted Moses to appear before Pharaoh, Moses was reluctant to go. God finally said that He would send Moses’ brother with him. What was Moses’ brother’s name? (See Ex. 4:10–16.)

  4. One time when Jesus spoke in a synagogue, the people were amazed at His wisdom because they knew Him only as the son of a poor carpenter. Then they mentioned the names of His four brothers. What were Jesus’ brothers’ names? (See Matt. 13:54–55.)