Joseph in Egypt

“Joseph in Egypt,” Friend, Feb. 1990, 26

Joseph in Egypt

Complete the sentences by unscrambling the jumbled words in this condensed story of Joseph in Egypt. (See Gen. 39–49.)

  1. Potiphar bought Joseph, who had been made a VLASE.

  2. He soon put SOJEHP in charge of his servants and household.

  3. Potiphar’s wife lusted after Joseph, but he resisted her advances and ran away, leaving her holding a piece of his ITONGLCH.

  4. Showing the piece of Joseph’s raiment to her husband, Potiphar’s wife DLEI and said that Joseph had done evil with her.

  5. Potiphar had Joseph put in SPONIR.

  6. The prison EEERPK liked Joseph and put him in charge of the other prisoners.

  7. Joseph interpreted MERDAS of the king’s butler and his baker, who were also in prison.

  8. Two years later the king had a curious dream, and he couldn’t understand its meaning, so he NSTE for Joseph.

  9. Joseph interpreted the dream and told the king that it meant that there would be seven years of plenty, followed by seven years of MIFEAN and that they should store food.

  10. When Joseph was only thirty years old, the king made him LURRE over Egypt.

  11. Joseph got married and had two NOSS, Ephraim and Manasseh.

  12. When the famine came, people went to Joseph for DOFO because he had obeyed the Lord’s counsel to store any surplus.

  13. Joseph’s father, Jacob, sent his ten oldest sons to Egypt to buy corn from Joseph, whom they didn’t GONREIZCE as their younger brother.

  14. The brothers were held as spies, but Joseph finally released all but Simeon and allowed them to take food back to their families on the condition that they would return with their youngest brother, JAMEBNIN.

  15. Jacob did not want Benjamin to go to Egypt because he was DAAIRF that he would lose his youngest son as he had lost Joseph. When they were almost out of food, however, he let his other sons take Benjamin with them.

  16. After Joseph had feasted his brothers, he sent them on their way with food for their SLAFMIIE. However, he arranged things so that they would have to return; then he could reveal his true identity and tell them of the Lord’s plan to save their lives.

  17. Joseph was happy that his father was still alive, and, after a tearful reunion, invited his entire family to live near him in PYTEG.

  18. Jacob went there with all his family and possessions. He greeted Joseph with tears of affection and settled in the land of Goshen. When necessary, he traded land, flocks, and herds to RAPHHAO for food.

  19. Shortly before Jacob died, he called his sons to them and gave them each a SEBGISLN.