Declare the Exciting Message!

“Declare the Exciting Message!” Friend, Feb. 1990, inside front cover

Declare the Exciting Message!

(Adapted from an April 1989 general conference address. See Ensign, May 1989, pages 13–14.)

The holy scriptures are true (D&C 20:11).

We are all anxious to know the purpose of our creation and the opportunities and limitations we have during our lives here on earth. The answers to all these questions are found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We should be prepared to declare this exciting message to those who are seeking truth.

Could I suggest that together as families you study the scriptures specifically to increase your understanding of the purpose of life. Perhaps you could check out from your branch or ward library a video or cassette entitled Our Heavenly Father’s Plan and play it as part of a family home evening. As family members come to understand where they came from, why they are here, and where they are going, they are better equipped to share this basic lesson of what life is all about with those who are earnestly seeking the answers.

Responsibilities are placed upon husbands and wives to bring their children into the world and teach them who they are and what part they will have in this divine plan.

Parents have the glorious opportunity of being the most powerful influence, above and beyond any other, on the lives of their children. Look around you, and you will soon discover that the greatest joy in this life, and the most comforting hope for eternities to come, is found in the uniting of eternal family units.

The only hope I can find in this troubled world is to have the standards by which our lives are governed firmly grounded in the gospel of our Lord and Savior.

May each of us be prepared and have the courage to share this greatest of all gifts that the Lord has given to His children. I testify to the truthfulness of His message.

Photo by Aaron Clark