Tulip Country

“Tulip Country,” Friend, Feb. 1990, 11

Tulip Country

Tulip Country


  1. Large river in The Netherlands

  2. Device for keeping water off land

  3. Ridge of windblown sand

  4. Structure that holds back seawater (alternate spelling)

  5. Official name for Holland (with The)

  6. Dutch engineers get farmland from the __________

  7. Cover land with water

  8. Large seagoing vessel

  9. Inland waterways


  1. Painting is one kind of __________

  2. Popular wheeled vehicle in The Netherlands

  3. Beatrix is ___________ of The Netherlands

  4. What tulips sprout from

  5. Famous Dutch painter, Jan ____________

  6. Rotterdam is the largest _____________ in The Netherlands

  7. Rembrandt’s birthplace

  8. Major agricultural industry in The Netherlands