Lehi Leaves Jerusalem

“Lehi Leaves Jerusalem,” Friend, June 1989, 40

Lehi Leaves Jerusalem

The Lord spoke with Lehi

The Lord was pleased with Lehi and spoke to him in a dream. He told Lehi to take his family and leave Jerusalem. Lehi obeyed the Lord. 1 Ne. 2:1–3

Lehi’s family packed food and tents

Lehi’s family packed food and tents. They left their house and their gold and silver in Jerusalem and traveled into the wilderness. 1 Ne. 2:4

Lehi’s family

Lehi’s wife’s name was Sariah. They had four sons, named Laman, Lemuel, Sam, and Nephi. 1 Ne. 2:5

They walked for three days

After three days, they camped in their tents near a river. 1 Ne. 2:6

They built an altar

Lehi built an altar of stones and made an offering to God. He prayed and thanked God for saving his family from destruction. 1 Ne. 2:7

Lehi told Laman and Lemuel to keep the commandments

Lehi told Laman and Lemuel that he wanted them to be faithful in keeping God’s commandments. 1 Ne. 2:8–10

Laman and Lemuel complained

Laman and Lemuel thought that their father was foolish for leaving Jerusalem and their riches. They did not believe that Jerusalem would be destroyed. 1 Ne. 2:11–13

Nephi wanted to believe Lehi

Nephi wanted to believe Lehi. He prayed to know if his father was doing the right thing by leaving Jerusalem. 1 Ne. 2:16

Jesus Christ visited Nephi

Jesus Christ visited Nephi and told him that Lehi’s words were true. Nephi believed and did not rebel as Laman and Lemuel did. 1 Ne. 2:16

Nephi spoke with his brothers

Nephi told his brothers what Jesus had made known to him. Sam believed Nephi, but Laman and Lemuel would not believe. 1 Ne. 2:17–18

Nephi would be blessed

The Lord promised Nephi that because of his faith he would be blessed. He would become a leader over his brothers. 1 Ne. 2:19–22

Illustrated by Jerry Thompson