Randy Gardner of Afton, Wyoming

“Randy Gardner of Afton, Wyoming,” Friend, June 1989, 28

Making Friends:

Randy Gardner of Afton, Wyoming

Randy’s mom was busy reading the newspaper when he walked into the room. He knew, though, that she’d put it down in a minute when she realized that he wanted to talk to her.

Like his mom, seven-year-old Randy knows that people are more important than things, and his actions show that attitude. He likes people and is friendly to everyone.

A second-grader, Randy likes recess and reading, but his favorite subject is math. He also loves his model tractor, and he wants to own and drive a real one when he’s older.

Randy enjoys spending time with his nine-year-old brother, Robert. They spend hours riding around town on their bicycles. Occasionally they ride into the nearby mountains and hills to explore. Although they are always on the lookout for deer and bear, they haven’t spotted any yet. But there are plenty of sheep to see.

The Gardners own a sheep ranch in Afton, Wyoming. One of Randy’s jobs is to help his older brother Lindsay care for the sheep. The family works hard to get the sheep ready for the annual fair. Randy sometimes helps wash, card, and clip them. When he needs a break, he plays in the small creek that runs through the ranch.

Mowing the lawn is also Randy’s job. But, unlike many boys, Randy loves that chore—because the Gardners have a riding lawn mower. It makes mowing the grass fun.

Another of his chores is gardening. He, Robert, and their younger sister, Kristina, each have a garden plot. Last year Randy planted peas and tomatoes and roses in his plot. He liked weeding, and it didn’t take long for him to learn the difference between weeds and other plants.

Randy says that being a CTR A is “fun.” His favorite part of Primary is Singing Time. He especially likes “Book of Mormon Stories” and “The Golden Plates.” This year he started to take piano lessons, and he will soon learn to play some Primary songs. He is looking forward to playing in piano competitions too.

Randy also likes his Primary teacher to tell scripture stories. His favorites are those about Jesus. Jesus taught that people are more important than things, and He encouraged people to treat each other kindly. Randy tries to follow Jesus’ example.

Photographed by Kellene Ricks

1 Roses are one of Randy’s favorite flowers.

2 Riding bikes is one of Randy’s favorite activities.

3 Randy, Robert, and Kristina often play together.

4 The riding lawn mower makes cutting the grass a lot easier—and fun.

5 Helping Lindsay with the sheep is one of Randy’s jobs.

6 Randy loves his dog, Snuggles.

7 Randy cuddling Snuggles, Robert, their friend Julie Ann Hoganson, and their sister Mary Ann holding Kristina.