Joseph F. Smith

“Joseph F. Smith,” Friend, June 1989, 48

Joseph F. Smith

Let no man’s heart fail (1 Sam. 17:32).

Joseph F. Smith

1 Although Joseph was only eight years old when he and his family moved to Winter Quarters, Nebraska, he and his friends were responsible for taking care of the cows.

2 One day when the boys were watching the grazing cattle about two miles outside of town, they were suddenly attacked by Indians. Joseph’s friends were frightened and rode their horses toward home.

3 Joseph was frightened, too, but realizing how important the cattle were, he tried to drive them to safety.

Joseph F. Smith

4 Joseph and his horse were moving fast, but the Indians were going faster. When Joseph looked to his right, there was an Indian alongside him! There was one on his left too!

5 Joseph didn’t know what to do. The Indians reached over and grabbed his arms and legs and lifted him from his horse. Then they dropped him to the ground and rode off with the horse.

6 Even though several horses galloped over Joseph as he lay on the ground, he was unhurt. How happy he was to see men whom he knew running to help him.

7 Joseph F. Smith was very brave, and he continued to be brave throughout his life. When he was older, he was called to be the sixth President of the Church.

Illustrated by Paul Mann