Sharing Time: I Have Talents
June 1989

“Sharing Time: I Have Talents,” Friend, June 1989, 12

Sharing Time:

I Have Talents

For there are many gifts, and to every man is given a gift by the Spirit of God (D&C 46:11).

Everyone has been blessed with special talents. They are gifts from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Sometimes you may think of music, art, or sports as the only talents that a person may have, but there are other talents that aren’t so obvious. You may be talented at being a good friend or being dependable. Perhaps it’s easy for you to fix things that are broken. Maybe you give good talks in Primary. Not everyone is given the same talents. As Jesus said, “To some is given one, and to some is given another, that all may be profited thereby” (D&C 46:12). Heavenly Father wants you to share your talents with others. When talents are shared, all are blessed.

The following story tells about some children who used their talents to bless another. As you read, see if you can decide what talent each child shared.

Rachael, Stephen, Jennifer, Christy, Amy, Johnny, Sydney, Sam, and Bryan were challenged by their Primary teacher to do something nice for someone by sharing their talents. They were not to ask anyone else for help. Their teacher assured them that Heavenly Father had given each one of them a special gift that could help someone else.

What can we do, and how will we do it? they wondered. Stephen took charge and asked everyone for a suggestion. Rachael had the first idea. She knew that Sister Allen had fallen and broken her hip. Perhaps the children could visit her.

“But what would we do when we got there?” Jennifer asked.

Stephen asked for more ideas, and Sydney said, “I could draw a pretty get-well card, and we could all sign it and give it to her. She could put it by her bed and look at it.”

“I’ll write a poem,” Jennifer added, “to put on the inside that tells her that we are thinking of her.”

“I could bake a batch of cookies,” Amy offered, “that she could nibble on or share with friends that come to visit.”

Christy thought that she’d talk to Sister Allen and ask her how she was feeling.

Bryan decided that Sister Allen might need to be cheered up after being in bed so long. “I’ll tell her a couple of my jokes.”

“I could bring a bouquet of flowers from my garden,” Johnny suggested. “Sister Allen hasn’t been outside for a long time, and she might enjoy smelling them.”

Stephen asked Sam to call Sister Allen about the best time for them to visit. Sam also offered to call all the children to remind them of their assignments.

The children were excited about their plan. They knew that each of them was sharing the special gifts and talents that Heavenly Father had given them. And they were happy that they could use their talents to help Sister Allen.


  1. After reading the story, read the name and description of each child. Fill in the blanks with a talent that you think he or she shared.

  2. Color the blank picture to look like you. Write your name and a talent that you have been given. Cut out pictures.

  3. Tape the ends of each picture to make finger puppets to use when telling the story to your family or friends. Remember to include yourself as you tell the story. What talent would you use to help Sister Allen?

Finger puppets

Illustrated by Elise Niven Black

  • Rachael always tries to help others and remember them on special occasions. She is _____________________________________.

  • Stephen likes to organize and give directions. He is a _______________________________________.

  • Jennifer likes to write poems and stories. She is ________________________________________.

  • Everyone likes to share their problems with Christy. She is a ________________________ _______________________________________________.

  • Amy can bake delicious cookies. She is a _____________________________________________.

  • Johnny likes to work in the garden. He is a _____________________________________________.

  • Sydney can draw beautiful pictures. She is an _________________________________________.

  • Sam always finishes any assignment he’s given. He is __________________________________.

  • Bryan always has a smile on his face and can tell jokes and funny stories. He has a good ________________________________________.


Sharing Time Ideas

  1. Have children pantomime talents from story and other stories of your choosing. Have children guess what talent is being acted out.

  2. Devise scripture chase to find what talents different people in Book of Mormon possessed. Example: Nephi—great faith (1 Ne. 2:19); Mormon—quick to observe (Morm. 1:2). See Index under individual names.

  3. Ask each child to interview another child in group and discover a talent he/she possesses. Share with group, and ask them to think of how they could share that talent with another.

  4. Find pictures in magazines of people using their talents. Cut them into puzzles, and let children put together.

  5. Have each child write his name vertically on page. Using each letter as beginning of word, have them write words, phrases, or rhymes describing their talents. Example: Tom—Thoughtful; Organized; Mannerly.

  6. Read and discuss Moroni 10:8–18 [Moro. 10:8–18]. Have children suggest people whom they know or have heard of who have gifts mentioned. Supplement with stories from lesson manuals, conference talks, and personal experiences.

  • Rachael—thoughtful; Stephen—leader; Jennifer—creative; Christy—good listener; Amy—good cook; Johnny—gardner; Sydney—artist; Sam—dependable; Bryan—sense of humor. Other answers are possible.