Book of Mormon Prophets

“Book of Mormon Prophets,” Friend, June 1989, 14

Book of Mormon Prophets

Crossword puzzle


  1. He built a ship to take his family to a promised land. (See 1 Ne. 17:8.)

  2. He saw a vision of the tree of life. (See 1 Ne. 8:2–35.)

  3. After being visited by an angel, ______ the Younger repented of his sins and became a great missionary. (See Mosiah 27:11, 32.)

  4. A son of King Mosiah, he taught the gospel to King Lamoni after saving the king’s sheep. (See Alma 17–18.)

  5. The prophet who abridged most of the Nephite record. (See Introduction to Book of Mormon.)

  6. He was the righteous Nephite king who translated the record of the Jaredites. (See Mosiah 28:preface, Mosiah 28:11.)

  7. He was put to death by wicked King Noah for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. (See Mosiah 17:11–12, 20.)


  1. This Jaredite prophet told of the destruction of his people. (See Ether 12:2–3.)

  2. He prayed all night for his people, for his enemies, and for the safety of their records. (See Enos 1:9, 11, 13.)

  3. He led two thousand young warriors in battle to defend the people of Ammon. (See Alma 53:10–19.)

  4. He believed the words of the prophet Abinadi. (See Mosiah 17:1–4.)

  5. A brother of Nephi, he helped keep the records of his people. (See Jacob 1:1–2.)

  6. The last Nephite, he returned to earth to deliver the gold plates to Joseph Smith. (See JS—H 1:30–35.)