Jesus Christ

"The Raising of Lazarus at the Prayer of His Sister Mary" by Michelangelo Cerruti, 1663—1749.

House of Lazarus, Bethany

After Jesus Christ received word that His friend Lazarus was gravely ill in the town of Bethany, a few miles outside of Jerusalem, He said to His disciples, “Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep” (John 11:11). Jesus's disciples did not understand that when He said Lazarus "sleepeth," He meant that Lazarus was dead. By the time they arrived in Bethany, they found Lazarus had “lain in the grave four days already” (John 11:17). They arrived to find the sisters of Lazarus—Mary and Martha—heartbroken. They had hoped Jesus would arrive in time to heal their brother. They didn’t know Jesus was about to perform one of His greatest miracles yet by raising their brother from the dead. But before He did that, Jesus took time to weep with them and acknowledge their pain.

The invitation

Ease another's burden

Sometimes all we can do to help someone is let them know we love them and are there for them. Please take some time in the next two days to reach out to someone you know who is struggling with loss, sickness, or other difficulties, so they know they’re not alone.

Questions to Ponder

What could you say to someone who is struggling to let them know you’re there for them?

Why do you think Jesus wept with Mary and Martha?

Scriptures about comfort

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