3 Easy Ways You Can Keep the Sabbath Day Holy

The Bible teaches that the Sabbath is a day of rest that we need to keep holy. But what exactly does that mean? How can you keep it holy?

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God created the world in six days, and on the seventh day He rested (see Genesis 1:1–Genesis 2:2). This seventh day is the Sabbath day. When God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, one of His commandments was to “remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8).  

The word Sabbath comes from a Hebrew word that means “to rest from labor.” The word holy means something that is sacred or dedicated to God. God wants us to make Sunday, the Sabbath day, feel different from the other days of the week by resting from our normal daily routine and dedicating our thoughts and time to Him. Here are three things anyone can do to make their Sabbath day holy:


Worship God on the Sabbath day

One of the best ways to keep the Sabbath day holy is to devote time to worshipping God. During the other six days of the week, it’s easy to get caught up in all of our responsibilities. On Sunday, you can take time to turn your thoughts and hearts to God. We can attend church services. We can read the Bible and other books of scripture. And we can talk with God in prayer. These activities can help us feel closer to God, even after the Sabbath has passed.


Prepare during the week to keep the Sabbath day holy

Without some planning, Sundays can easily become just as busy as other days of the week. Plan the rest of the week with the Sabbath day in mind so that you have plenty of time to rest and worship. Run errands, clean your house, and get other tasks taken care of on Saturday when possible. That way, the Sabbath day really will feel separate and holy. 


Choose uplifting Sabbath day activities

The Sabbath may be a time for us to rest from our labors, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything on Sunday. We can choose to do activities that focus on God, family, and providing service. Here are a few uplifting activities to consider: 

  • Visit family and friends.

  • Write in your journal.

  • Learn more about your ancestors and family history.

  • Go for a walk and enjoy God’s creations.

  • Take food to someone who is sick.

  • Call, text, or message a friend who’s been on your mind.

  • Plan or participate in a service project.

  • Have a weekly family game night.

God has promised amazing blessings to those who keep the Sabbath day holy. It will strengthen your family relationships. It will give you greater focus and confidence. As you show the Lord your love for Him by keeping the Sabbath day holy, you will feel His love more in your life. 

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