Family History

Whether you dive in and learn about the lives of your ancestors, or add your own stories and experiences for future generations, family history works to connect us to our families and to our Heavenly Father.

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Our ancestors’ stories are our stories

Our family history helps explain how we got where we are, where we got our most important traits, and why we look the way we look. When we discover more about our great-grandparents, we discover more about ourselves. Not only that, but we can understand the sacrifices of our ancestors, learn from their examples, and feel close to people we never knew. 

Where to begin

It all starts by tracking those ancestors down. We search newspaper articles, land records, birth and death records, and anything that might contain clues about the lives of those who came before us. Volunteers at family history centers around the world can help you find what you’re looking for and fill in some of the gaps.

Explore Family History Activities

There are many resources and activities that can help you and your family get started. Swipe through the activities below and start today.

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Where Am I From?

Learn where you and your ancestors have lived, and explore the cultures and traditions of those places.

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Famous Relatives

Discover your connection to famous people.

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All about Me

See how much you know about the year you were born.

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Compare a Face

See which ancestors you look the most like.

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Record My Story

Everyone has stories. What are yours?

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In-Home Activities

These in-home family activities help you discover, gather, and connect your family—past and present. 

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Families connect us beyond this life

We also forge and maintain family connections in our temples. That’s where we get married for all eternity so that our family relationships can last beyond “’til death do us part.” Family history allows us to offer those same blessings to our ancestors who may not have gotten the chance while they were alive. In this way, these sacred ceremonies help bind generations together in an unbroken chain—past, present, and future. Thanks to Jesus Christ, we can all live with God again, and thanks to family history, we can do it together with our families.

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Families Are a Big Part of God’s Plan for Our Happiness