10 Tips to Help You Study the Book of Mormon

Try out the suggestions below to get the most out of the teachings found in the Book of Mormon.

A woman studies the Book of Mormon at her kitchen table

Begin your study with prayer

You will get the most out of your study with God’s help. Begin your prayer by addressing God. Then ask Him for wisdom and understanding as you read. You can even ask for guidance for a specific problem or decision in your life. When you’re done, end your prayer with the words, “In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.” Praying before you study shows God that you’re humble and want His help and direction as you read.


Choose a topic you’re interested in

Did you learn about topic during a Sunday lesson or a meeting with the missionaries that you want to know more about? Start with the resources found in the index at the back of your copy of the Book of Mormon. It lists common topics and associated scripture verses. If an index entry includes related words (noted by the phrase “see also”), you can use those words to expand your study (if you are using the Book of Mormon app, you’ll find study topics in the app’s “reference guide.”)


Cross-reference with the Bible

The Book of Mormon and Bible support each other in their teachings and testimonies of Jesus Christ. As you study the Book of Mormon, check the footnotes for related scriptures in the Bible and look them up.


Watch Book of Mormon videos

Watch a collection of Book of Mormon videos that help the stories found in the scriptures come to life. 


Read or listen to the Book of Mormon online

The Book of Mormon is available to download on the Book of Mormon app. You can read or listen online and access lots of helpful study guides.


Journal as you go

Don’t forget the things you learn while studying the Book of Mormon, or the things the Holy Spirit teaches you as you study. Use a journal or notebook to keep track of the insights you pick up as you study. This will help you remember the things you learn and be able to reference them later.


Make your copy your own

Grab a set of colored pencils or highlighters to mark your copy of the Book of Mormon as you read. Don’t be shy. Choose different colors for different topics, write notes in the margins, or draw pictures that help you understand what you’re reading. 


Choose someone to study

Choose an individual in the Book of Mormon to study, and read their story multiple times. Ask yourself questions to help you get to know them better, such as: What do I have in common with this person? What can I learn from their story? How would I have acted in their situation? How did God influence their life?


Stop and listen

As important as it is to read God’s word, it is equally important to take time to pause, quiet your mind, and reflect. Give yourself time to meditate after studying the Book of Mormon and allow God to enlighten you through the Holy Spirit.  


Read or share with someone else

Family members and friends can bring a new perspective to your study. When you have questions, you can discuss together. You can share verses with each other that are especially meaningful. If you’re looking for someone to study with, you can always study with the missionaries

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