Who Wrote the Book of Mormon?

Like the Bible, the Book of Mormon has many authors. The Book of Mormon is actually a collection of histories passed down from one writer to another.

Mormon the main author of the Book of Mormon transcribes the gold plates in a cave

The first author of the Book of Mormon is the prophet Nephi, who left Jerusalem with his family in about 600 B.C. and sailed to the Americas. Nephi passed the record to his younger brother Jacob, who gave it to his son Enos. Each author always gave the record to someone they trusted.

Why is it called the Book of Mormon?

After hundreds of years, the record was given to Mormon, who was both a prophet and military leader. Mormon condensed all the writings into one volume, engraved on thin sheets of metal. He titled it the Book of Mormon. Before he died, Mormon passed the plates to his son Moroni. Moroni added a few words, then buried the plates. 

Moroni buries the Book of Mormon in the hill Cumorah

Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon

In 1823, Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith as an angel and told him where the plates were buried. Joseph Smith translated the plates into English by the gift and power of God, and the Book of Mormon was published in Palmyra, New York, in 1830.

Joseph Smith receives the Book of Mormon from the angel Moroni

Since that time, this sacred volume has been translated into more than 100 languages, and over 150 million copies have appeared in print. 

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