9. Temple of Herod

9. Temple of Herod

Herod's Temple

This photograph shows a model of the temple of Herod (1:50 scale ratio) as it was thought to be in A.D. 67. The wall surrounding the temple complex encloses the sanctuary containing the Holy of Holies, the holy place, and three great courts.

Significant Events: Joseph and Mary presented the infant Jesus at the temple (Luke 2:22–38). The Savior taught in the temple at age 12 (Luke 2:41–46). The Savior drove the money changers from the temple (Matt. 21:12–13) and prophesied the destruction of the temple (Matt. 24:1–2). A future temple will be built in Jerusalem (Ezek. 40–48; Zech. 8:7–9). (See BD Temple of Herod.)