17. Shechem

17. Shechem

Mount Gerizim

The ancient site of Shechem. In the foreground is Mount Gerizim, and beyond it, Mount Ebal. Shechem is situated between these two mountains.

Significant Events: Abraham camped at Shechem (Gen. 12:6–7). Jacob camped here and bought a parcel of ground (Gen. 33:18–20). Mount Gerizim was the mount of blessing, while Mount Ebal was the mount of cursing (Deut. 27–28). At Mount Ebal, Joshua erected a monument bearing the law of Moses and then read the law to the Israelites (Josh. 8:30–35). The bones of Joseph are buried in Shechem (Josh. 24:32). (See BD Gerizim and Ebal.)