27. Nazareth

27. Nazareth


This view of the modern city of Nazareth looks southward. Nazareth was a small village in biblical times.

Significant Events: Nephi saw in vision the Savior’s mother in Nazareth (1 Ne. 11:13–22). The angel Gabriel told Mary she would bear the Savior (Luke 1:26–35). Gabriel told Joseph to take Mary to wife and to name her son Jesus (Matt. 1:18–25). Jesus grew up in Nazareth (Matt. 2:19–23; Luke 2:4–40; 4:16). He preached and announced in the synagogue that He was the Messiah (Luke 4:16–21), but the people of Nazareth rejected Him (Matt. 13:54–58; Luke 4:22–30). (See BD Nazareth.)