2. Mount Sinai (Horeb) and the Sinai Wilderness

2. Mount Sinai (Horeb) and the Sinai Wilderness

Plain of Rahah & Mt. Sinai, Egypt

There are several possible sites for Mount Sinai. One of the traditional locations is Jebel Musa (Mountain of Moses), pictured here.

Significant Events: God appeared to Moses and gave him the Ten Commandments (Ex. 19–20). Moses, Aaron, two of Aaron’s sons, and 70 elders saw and communed with God (Ex. 24:9–12). God gave Moses instructions for building the tabernacle (Ex. 25–28; 30–31). The Israelites worshipped a golden calf they had persuaded Aaron to make (Ex. 32:1–8). Elijah fled to this land from the Jezreel Valley, where Queen Jezebel lived (1 Kgs. 19:1–18). This is also where Elijah talked with God (1 Kgs. 19:8–19). (See BD Sinai.)