1. Nile River and Egypt
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1. Nile River and Egypt

Nile River

Vegetation growing along the banks of the Nile River. In a spot like this, Moses’ mother hid her infant son. Beyond are the desert areas that cover most of Egypt.

Significant Events: The land was discovered by Egyptus (Abr. 1:23–25). Abraham went to Egypt (Gen. 12:10–20; Abr. 2:21–25). Joseph was sold into Egypt, became a ruler, and saved his family from famine (Gen. 37; 39–46). Jacob’s descendants lived in Egypt (Gen. 47; Ex. 1; 12:40). The daughter of Pharaoh found the baby Moses in the river and reared him (Ex. 2:1–10). Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt (Ex. 3–14). Mary, Joseph, and Jesus went to Egypt for a while to escape from Herod (Matt. 2:13–15, 19–21). In the last days, the Egyptians will know the Lord, and the Lord will bless Egypt (Isa. 19:20–25). (See BD Egypt; Nile.)