Sacred Music

    “Sacred Music,” New Era, July 2019, 44.

    Gospel APPlication

    Sacred Music

    Sacred Music

    The Sacred Music app is a quick and easy way to look up the hymn you are about to sing. But, there is so much more to it than that!

    Want to learn how to play “You’re Not Your Mistakes” (or any other song from the Church) on the piano?

    Just download a PDF from the music on the app and start learning! You can even keep the song playing in the background as you plunk out the notes.

    Need the perfect playlist?

    If you’ve ever spent an afternoon sorting through music trying to make a good Sunday playlist, you need the Sacred Music app. All the music here is uplifting, and you can make multiple playlists to fit your mood.

    Feel studying is impossible without background music?

    With the app, you can listen to most songs with music and vocals or music only. Turn the vocals off and listen to some instrumental music to get your brain working.

    It’s your turn to pick the hymn for home evening?

    There is a whole section of the app that is organized by topic. You can quickly find a song about honesty to go with the home evening lesson.