How can I get along better with my family?

    “How can I get along better with my family?” New Era, July 2019, page–page.

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    “How can I get along better with my family?”

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    Follow the Golden Rule

    Treat others how you would like to be treated. You can get along better with your siblings by playing games with them, reading them books, or teaching them something.

    Mitchell J., 14, Arizona, USA

    Be Patient

    If one of your siblings makes you angry or offends you, instead of snapping back at them, walk away or talk calmly about it. Don’t push it and don’t keep fighting. Let them be right, even if it’s really hard.

    Sarah H., 13, Utah, USA

    Communicate with Your Family

    Good communication is a key to having good relationships. Sharing how you feel will help your family open up to you. Acting in love and sharing your feelings will make you feel closer to your family.

    Sister Lyka Valdez, 21, Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission

    Think of the Future

    I get along better with my family when I remember that we can be together forever if we stay on the covenant path. I want to build a strong relationship with them now so that we can have eternal joy.

    Hannah M., 18, Virginia, USA

    Show Love

    Coming to earth to be with a family is part of our Heavenly Father’s plan. We aren’t always going to get along, but that’s OK. Showing love will help us become closer to our families and our Heavenly Father. If there is a problem, instead of arguing, listen to each other. It always helps to be heard and feel like someone cares. If someone isn’t making the right choice, instead of getting upset, help guide them to the right one.

    Gav S., 15, Utah, USA

    Remember the Joy

    I find that it is easier to get along with my family members when I remember how much they do for me and how much joy they bring into my life. Heavenly Father blesses us with eternal families, which brighten up our everyday lives. We should strive to get along with and serve our family members.

    Lia K., 15, Wisconsin, USA