Firm Foundations

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“Firm Foundations,” New Era, July 2019, 46–47.

Firm Foundations

Inspired for Grace

Family History

Illustrations by Toby Newsome

Last summer, my ward went to the temple. Before going on the temple trip, my mom told me that she had found some names that I could take. Immediately, a name popped into my head: Grace A. Smith. I felt like I knew her, and maybe I did. We printed the names, and sure enough, there was a Grace A. Smith waiting to be baptized.

I quickly looked Grace up on to see if there were any pictures or stories about her. There weren’t any pictures, but there was something much better: her brother, sisters, and husband all needed to be baptized! At the temple, I was baptized for Grace and her sisters.

I learned that I not only have a family here but a family waiting to see me in the spirit world too. It must have been exciting for Grace to be with her mom and dad there in the temple and especially to have her brother, sisters, and husband with her. Even though someday I will leave my family here on earth when I die, there will be many family members there to meet me. I am excited for when I can see them again.

Isabel J., New Mexico, USA

Invitation Accepted

Sharing the Gospel

In June 2018, I had the chance to go to the Conference Center and watch the worldwide devotional for youth. When President Nelson invited us to give a For the Strength of Youth booklet to someone, a young man I didn’t know very well came to my mind. I wrote a note in the booklet and decided to give it to him later that week.

I didn’t give it to him that week; I was afraid of how he would react. I thought he might not want it and might give it back.

The next week was youth conference. During one of the devotionals, the stake president encouraged us to follow the prophet’s challenge to give a booklet to someone. When I got back from youth conference, I got up the courage and gave the booklet to the young man. When I handed it to him, he said, “Thank you! I really needed this. My family has been going through a lot and this was great timing.” We talk more now, and he told me that his family issues are looking up. I am very glad that the Spirit prompted me to give him the booklet.

Jaqueline L., Utah, USA

Armoring Up with the Scriptures

Scripture Study

When I was on a high adventure camping trip, our bishop gave us each a small copy of the Book of Mormon. Every morning, I would grab my camping chair and do a private reading retreat in the middle of the woods.

One morning, I had no idea what to read and thought that maybe Heavenly Father wanted me to know something. I asked God what I should read and if there was something I needed to hear.

Shortly after I uttered amen, I looked back at my scriptures and noticed that the corner of a page in the middle of the book was folded down. Dumbfounded, I flipped open to the page and read the whole chapter. That chapter of Alma talked about the armor the Nephites put on every morning before they went out into battle. I realized that scripture study (which I had been slacking in) could be my spiritual armor. I knew that my prayer had been answered and that I needed to continue spending time in the scriptures.

Sam R., California, USA