We Will Sing of Zion


We Will Sing of Zion


1. We will sing of Zion,

Kingdom of our God.

Zion is the pure in heart,

Those who seek the Savior’s part.

Zion soon in all the world

Will rise to meet her God.

2. Thru the revelations

Giv’n by God to men,

Heaven’s truth is placed on earth;

Prophets teach its pow’r and worth.

Zion readies us to see

The Savior come again.

3. When the Saints of Zion

Keep his law in truth,

Hate and war and strife will cease;

Men will live in love and peace.

Heav’nly Zion, come once more

And cover all the earth.

Text and music: Merrill Bradshaw, 1929–2000 © 1980 IRI

Doctrine and Covenants 65:5–6

Doctrine and Covenants 97:21