Arise, O God, and Shine


Arise, O God, and Shine


1. Arise, O God, and shine

In all thy saving might,

And prosper each design

To spread thy glorious light;

Let healing streams of mercy flow,

That all the earth thy truth may know.

2. Bring distant nations near

To sing thy glorious praise;

Let ev’ry people hear

And learn thy holy ways.

Reign, mighty God, assert thy cause,

And govern by thy righteous laws.

3. Put forth thy glorious pow’r,

That Gentiles all may see,

And earth present her store

In converts born to thee.

O Lord, our God, thy Church so bless,

And fill the world with righteousness.

4. To God, the only wise,

The one immortal King,

Let hallelujahs rise

From ev’ry living thing;

Let all that breathe, on ev’ry coast,

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Text: William Hurn, 1754–1829

Music: John Darwall, 1731–1789

Isaiah 60:1–3

Alma 29:8–10, 17