Maintain Communication

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“Maintain Communication,” Help for Spouses (2019)

“Maintain Communication,” Help for Spouses

Maintain Communication

One woman discovered her husband had been lying for years about his pornography use, which had then turned into more serious transgressions. As she and her husband worked through these issues, she felt anger and betrayal. As she asked for help through prayer, she sought her own healing. With help from Heavenly Father and the Savior, she searched for ways to learn how to rebuild trust and encourage honest communication.

Maintain communication: “We and our loved ones will benefit from talking to each other regularly about our journey toward recovery and healing” (Support Guide: Help for Spouses and Family of Those in Recovery, 61). Bad choices thrive in secrecy, and deceit is its lifeblood. A turning point for our loved ones occurs when they recognize the role secrecy and deceit play in enabling their bad choices. When our loved ones lie to us or deceive us and minimize their bad behavior, we lose trust in them. Open and honest communication is the beginning of rebuilding trust.