God Supports Us

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“God Supports Us,” Help for Spouses (2019)

“God Supports Us,” Help for Spouses

God Supports Us

When one woman found out about her husband’s pornography use, her life was completely changed. As she struggled through feelings of doubt, confusion, and betrayal, she felt like she couldn’t count on anyone. As she prayed to God and asked, “Do you love me?” she felt a powerful sense of love and care. Knowing that God supports us in our afflictions is one of the principles of healing for loved ones of those involved in harmful behaviors.

God supports us: “As we turn our hearts and minds to God, we can sense His presence and guidance” (Support Guide: Help for Spouses and Family of Those in Recovery [2017], 2).

The Lord always provides comfort, guidance, and strength, even when we may not realize it. These subtle and tender evidences of God’s love and support come in a variety of ways; for example, they might come through the helping hands of others or during lessons, talks, or hymns that speak directly to us. At other times, an idea or impression can help us gain greater understanding and direction and feel increased love.