This is so personal; who can I share it with?

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“This is so personal; who can I share it with?” Help for Spouses (2019)

“This is so personal; who can I share it with?” Help for Spouses

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This is so personal; who can I share it with?

Because of the personal nature of this problem, many of us think that we are the only ones facing it. This can bring feelings of isolation and a fear of sharing with anyone. In the video, some who have decided to share describe their fears and how finding safe ways to share has helped them.

Sharing Safely May Provide Perspective

The adversary would have us believe that we’re stuck with few options. This life can prevent us from finding answers and starting to heal. One thing that can help is finding others we can share safely with—people who are trusted and have good judgment. Sharing may help us see our situation more clearly and learn from others’ experiences.

Who can I share this with safely?

Ideas for Taking Action

Here are some ideas that others have found helpful. Prayerfully consider what actions might be best for you, taking into account that they may or may not be listed here.

  • Seek to share your feelings with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through prayer. What are other ways you might strengthen your relationship with Them?

  • Consider seeking for spiritual gifts, such as the gift of discernment. This may help you to know who among your social circle might be an empathetic listener and able to offer emotional support.

  • Evaluate past negative experiences that may keep you from sharing your needs right now. One example may be believing that protecting our spouses’ privacy is more important than feeling emotionally supported. How might you approach knowing whether or not sharing might be helpful to you?

  • Evaluate possible physical challenges (such as sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety, nutritional deficits, and so on) that may compromise your judgment. Who might you consult with for help?


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How can I take care of my needs?


Principle 3: Reach Out


This feels like more than I can deal with alone. Where can I turn for help?