People of Galilee
June 2019

“People of Galilee,” Liahona, June 2019

People of Galilee

While the Savior was on the earth, He taught and ministered to many. These are some of the people who Jesus Christ ministered to in Galilee. What would these people have said if they could tell their own stories found in the scriptures? Here are some ideas.

children in Galilee

Child: I was standing close to Jesus Christ and His Apostles. The Apostles were arguing about something, and Jesus Christ asked them about it. The Apostles got really quiet, and no one spoke up because they were arguing about which of them would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. The Savior then motioned to me. I stood in the middle of them, and He took me in His arms. He told them that whoever is humble like a little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. (See Mark 9:33–37; Matthew 18:1–5.)

Lad: I had heard of Jesus Christ and the miracles He had performed for the sick. So when He came to Tiberias, I joined the crowd that followed Him. There were a lot of us, around 5,000 people. I had five barley loaves and two fish. Jesus Christ took them and blessed them. Miraculously, everyone was fed from the food I had with me. But it didn’t end there. When everyone was full, the disciples gathered up the leftovers. They filled 12 baskets. (See John 6:5–14.)

people in Galilee 1

Man: I was sick with palsy, so I couldn’t move. And on top of that, I had involuntary tremors. It was horrible. My friends had heard that Jesus Christ was teaching at a house. They knew He could help me, so they tried to bring me to Him. The house was crowded, so they decided to lower me through the roof. They uncovered it and then lowered me down in front of Jesus Christ. When He saw me, He told me my sins were forgiven. He told me to arise and to take up my bed and walk. So I did—and everybody was amazed! (See Mark 2:1–12.)

Nobleman: I was in Cana at the time. And my son, who was in Capernaum, was dying. I heard that Jesus was in the area, so I went to Him. When I did, I asked Him to go to Capernaum to heal my son. He told me to go home because my son was alive. I believed Him. As I arrived home, my servants came out to greet me. They told me that my son was alive. I asked them when he started to get better. They told me yesterday at the seventh hour. It was the same time that Christ had told me my son was alive! (See John 4:46–53.)

Mary Magdalene: Jesus Christ cast seven devils out of me. I followed Him as He traveled to many villages preaching the gospel. (See Luke 8:1–3.) When Christ was crucified, I was at the cross (see John 19:25). I visited the tomb where His body was laid. I was the first person to see Him after His Resurrection. At first I thought He was a gardener, but when He called my name, I knew it was my Savior. (See John 20:11–16.)

people in Galilee 2

Salome: I am the wife of Zebedee and the mother of James and John, who were two of Jesus Christ’s Apostles. I followed and served Him while He was in Galilee. I was at Golgotha when He was crucified. (See Mark 15:37–41.) I brought sweet spices to His tomb to anoint His body, but when I arrived, He wasn’t there. Instead, I saw a man in long white clothes. At first, I was scared, but he told me not to be. He said that Jesus Christ had risen and that I should tell the Apostles. (See Mark 16:1–8.)

Simon Peter’s mother-in-law: I was very sick with a horrible fever. When Jesus Christ heard about it, He came to me. He took my hand and lifted me up. Immediately the fever left me. I felt so well that I even ministered to those around me. (See Mark 1:29–31.)

Widow of Nain: My son had just passed away. I had already lost my husband. I was grieving deeply. Even though there were a lot of people with me, I couldn’t stop crying. As we carried my son’s body outside the city gates, a man came up to me. It was Jesus Christ. He had compassion on me and told me not to weep. Then He went to my son. The people who carried him stood still. Jesus Christ told my son to arise. And he did! He sat up and began to speak and he came to me. He was alive! We all glorified God and knew that there was a great prophet among us. (See Luke 7:11–17.)

people in Galilee 3

Mary: I had heard of the Messiah who would come. I just didn’t expect to be a part of it. I was engaged to Joseph when an angel told me I would bear a child who would be the Son of God and to name Him Jesus. (See Luke 1:26–38.) And the Messiah did come. I gave birth to Him in a stable. Shepherds and Wise Men visited Him and gave Him gifts. (See Matthew 2:1–12; Luke 2:1–20.) Joseph and I raised Him, but He always amazed us. One time He went missing for three days. We finally found Him at the temple. Learned men were listening to Him and asking Him questions. (See Luke 2:40–52.)

Philip: I am one of Christ’s Apostles. He sent us to preach His gospel. He told us to focus on the lost sheep of Israel. He also gave us the power to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, and cast out devils. He told us not to bring money or clothing, but He did warn us that we would be persecuted. But we trusted in Him because we knew that if we endured unto the end that we would be saved. (See Matthew 10:1–10, 17–18, 22–23.)

Thaddeus Judas: I am an Apostle of Christ. One day, when He was teaching us—He did that often—He told us that He wouldn’t be on earth much longer. He told us that if we kept His commandments and loved Him, He would come and manifest Himself unto us. He said He would send the Holy Ghost to help us remember what He had taught us. (See John 14:19–27.)