Elder Cook Visits Brazil
June 2019

“Elder Cook Visits Brazil,” Liahona, June 2019

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Elder Cook Visits Brazil

Elder Cook Visits Brazil

Elder Quentin L. Cook and Sister Mary Cook went to Brazil to visit members of the Church. They went to teach and share the love of Jesus Christ.

They visited the big city of Belo Horizonte. The name of that city means “beautiful horizon.” Elder Cook said it has the most beautiful sunsets he has ever seen!

Many people came to hear Elder Cook speak in a stake conference. He invited everyone to be a light. That means being a good example and helping others, like Jesus did.

Children were very happy to meet an Apostle of God!

Elder and Sister Cook visited a missionary training center. Missionaries share the light of Jesus Christ every day!

How can you be a light at home, in your neighborhood, and at school?

“When we are a light, we influence the world for the better.” —Elder Quentin L. Cook

Make a Lantern

paper cup

hole punch or sharp pencil

flashlight or glow stick

  1. Use the hole punch or pencil to make holes all around the cup. Poke holes in the bottom too or cut it out entirely (ask an adult for help).

  2. Decorate your cup however you want. Then put the light or glow stick under the cup.

  3. Turn off the lights and see your lantern glow!