Hello from the Dominican Republic!

“Hello from the Dominican Republic!” Liahona, June 2019

Hello from the Dominican Republic!

Liahona Magazine, 2019/06 Jun

Hi! I’m Margo. This is my brother Paolo.

We’re visiting the Dominican Republic. Come along with us!

The Dominican Republic is in the Caribbean. It’s on an island with the country Haiti. About 10 million people live in the Dominican Republic, including about 130,000 Church members.

In the Dominican Republic, they speak Spanish. Here’s a boy with el Libro de Mormón—the Book of Mormon.

Lots of kids in the Dominican Republic like playing baseball. It’s the country’s most popular sport.

People in the Dominican Republic eat lots of tropical vegetables and fruits. These boys are drinking from coconuts!

The Dominican Republic has one temple, in Santo Domingo. The writing says, “Santidad al Señor: La Casa del Señor.” That means, “Holiness to the Lord: The House of the Lord.”

Last year the prophet visited the Dominican Republic and spoke to the people in Spanish.

Thanks for exploring the Dominican Republic with us. Now we’re off on our next adventure!