Can Our Ministering Help Others Heal?

“Can Our Ministering Help Others Heal?” Liahona, June 2019

Can Our Ministering Help Others Heal?

One Sunday, I was sitting in sacrament meeting pondering when I read in my scriptures that we are to do the works that the Savior did (see 3 Nephi 27:21). I thought to myself, “What were Christ’s works upon the earth?” I thought primarily of two things: service and healing. Service I could do, but healing?

The concept of healing has been one I have pondered often. I have had 16 surgeries so far in my life and have had to do a lot of healing! But I wondered how I could be like Jesus Christ and help others heal. Certainly I did not have the healing powers He possessed. So how did He want me to do His works of healing on the earth? What could I do?

As I pondered how others had helped me to heal, my mind was opened to the incredible works of healing—comforting, serving, and ministering—that others had performed for me in my life. With our focus on ministering to others in ways the Savior would, this concept of helping others heal is a powerful one.All of us suffer during our mortal journey on earth. So many have physical or mental illnesses or are suffering spiritually. All of us are in need of healing. As I explain in my article (page 20) and as Elder Neil L. Andersen teaches in his article (page 12), all of us can participate in ministering to others in ways that will help them heal.


Merrilee Boyack